Fresh from the studio!
ELEARNINGRyan Philbrook
Ryan Philbrook
"Working with Anne was a blast. I didn't know I could have so much fun learning eLearning! The sessions flew by and I definitely came away with improved reads and a deeper understanding of how to interpret eLearning scripts effectively."

Ryan Philbrook


Target-market your demo & boost your voice toward success!

  • Laura Doman
    ELEARNINGLaura Doman

    "Anne’s name is synonymous with all things business-related in the VO production world. My eLearning demo is the third Anne’s coached and produced for me, and just like the others, she’s captured my essence, applied it to the right mix of industry spots, and produced an amazing reel. I’ve learned so much from Anne! I love her attention to detail and the care that she puts into each coaching session and, of course, the demo production session, too. I could tell from day one that she wants to produce the perfect demo as much as I do. Thanks, Anne! I recommend you highly to anyone interested in a top notch coach and demo producer!"

    Laura Doman

  • Randy Mahoney

    "Anne, there aren’t proper words to express how appreciative I am of the work that you put into helping me create this demo. You were patient. You were kind. You made the entire experience a collaborative process. But you were always in control.
    Thank you for this and in advance for all that is still to come."

    Randy Mahoney

  • Michael Kerns
    MEDICALMichael Kerns

    "Anne is an amazing demo producer! She is so easy to work with, gives very easy to understand direction, she is prompt and professional and is such a joy to work with. I'm so proud of how she made me sound on my medical demo and I'm so pleased to have her as a mentor and friend. You need to book her!!"

    Michael Kerns

  • Devon McPherson
    COMMERCIALDevon McPherson

    "I love my new commercial demo! Working with Anne was worth every penny of the investment. She's gifted at figuring out a voice actor's niche. My demo has varied reads with range, yet is specific enough for voiceover buyers to understand who I am and whether I fit their needs. I'm so happy with the final mix of music and sound effects, too. I couldn't be more thrilled to market myself with this demo. The coaching and recording process was also super fun while Anne still challenged me to grow and improve. The only downside is that I miss our weekly demo prep sessions!"

    Devon McPherson

  • Wendy Kay White
    MEDICALWendy Kay White

    "I'm thrilled that I chose Anne to produce my new medical demo. She is a terrific coach who gave me a master class in medical narration through multiple prep sessions, then chose scripts to highlight my strengths as a performer. I can't wait to put this demo to work as an important tool for my VO business."

    Wendy Kay White

  • Alison Young
    ELEARNINGAlison Young

    “From one teacher to another, I can say without reservation that Anne Ganguzza is one of the very best. She doesn’t mess around, is totally present and drills down quickly to exactly what’s needed to be fixed. From the moment we met, I felt my success was her number one goal. I come from the world of classical music broadcasting and I sorely needed guidance learning to speak in a more conversational manner, focus on the teaching moments and understand what the copy needed to accomplish. With Anne’s careful guidance, my entire voice over style has changed. I highly recommend her as a coach. Thank you, Anne!"

    Alison Young

  • Monte Reichert

    “Anne Ganguzza. Now there’s a name that has permeated the voice-over industry and for good reason. I came to Anne with a desire to provide voice over in corporate narration. Under her direction and coaching, Anne showed me there is more to voice-over than just getting it right as a voice. There is a need for sensitivity, research and a sense of what you can bring to the table to help the client, which is more than just offering yourself as a voice-over talent. Having Anne as my coach has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in voice over. And the Demo! Well its hard to put it into words but the word “fantastic” comes to mind. Her expert knowledge of how to take your rehearsal recording and engineer that into the final product (i.e. the Demo) is excellent. I’ll be back for more of what she offers."

    Monte Reichert

  • Heather Smith

    “Working with Anne on my Corporate Narration demo was amazing! Our coaching sessions were invaluable – she not only helped me dial in my technique and approach to this genre, but she really took the time to get to know me and my voice, and then picked the perfect spots to help me shine. If you have the chance to work with Anne, DO IT! "

    Heather Smith

  • Debra Fowler
    ELEARNINGDebra Fowler

    “Anne and her team are true professionals and a breeze to work with. From the coaching to the writing, selecting and fine tuning scripts, through the actual recording (in my case remotely with both Anne and John) and then to the editing process, Anne’s attention to detail and her focus on quality can’t be beat. I couldn’t be happier with my new eLearning demo! I would hire myself from this demo, just sayin’..."

    Debra Fowler

  • Devon McPherson
    EXPLAINERDevon McPherson

    “I love my new explainer demo. Anne knew exactly how to market my unique, quirky voice, and chose the perfect spots to fit. She's super easy and fun to work with and directs with a clarity that helped me take my reads to the next level. I really expanded my range and honed my technique working with Anne.Her training has given me confidence in my voice. I couldn't be prouder of this demo. If life were a video game, this explainer demo would be my boss battle triumph."

    Devon McPherson

  • Charles King
    ELEARNINGCharles King

    “I just did my eLearning demo reveal with Anne. As soon as I heard the first spot, I knew that all the homework and all that I learned from Anne was worth every bit of effort! She is amazing! She knew exactly what to say to get me to deliver excellence! Her keen ability to select the best copy to showcase my strengths was dead on! What Anne has shared with me has improved my eLearning script interpretation and will help me in all areas of my voice over career. I can’t thank Anne enough, but I will continue to try for a longtime!"

    Charles King

  • Rick MacIvor
    ELEARNINGRick MacIvor

    “I absolutely love my new E-Learning Demo! Anne has a gift, she is able to teach, bring out the best in her students, and have so much fun, all at the same time! She taught me how to really bring the text to life, and to find the teachable moments in every script. From start to finish, the entire process was an absolute joy. Thanks Anne!"

    Rick MacIvor

  • Sarah Kramer
    ELEARNINGSarah Kramer

    “I LOVE my eLearning demo!! This is Demo #2 with Anne, and I had so much fun working with her on this! Anne’s direction in finding the right copy to showcase my range and highlight my strengths is priceless. She took the time to get to know me and what I can do, and it paid off (and we had fun!). There is so much packed in here, and each spot is “me"! I’m so proud of what we created together. Anne is a genius. Thank you, Anne, for your guidance and direction. I’m so excited to share this with the eLearning world!!"

    Sarah Kramer

  • Laura Doman

    “I absolutely love my new corporate narration demo! Anne captured so many nuances within my vocal range and truly tailored the demo to the industries for which my voice is best suited. I appreciate the time and care that Anne gave to ensure that my demo nailed the type of read currently trending, with the tone and content of what will remain relevant over the next couple of years. Thank you, Anne! This is the reason why I’ve turned to you to coach and produce multiple demos for me. You rock!”

    Laura Doman

  • Kelly LaBrecque
    COMMERCIALKelly LaBrecque

    "Why did it take me so long to FINALLY get a professional demo? The initial "sticker shock" of coaching and demo production kept me from the experience for two years. But let me tell you...once I finally decided to go for it, within my first session with Anne I was kicking myself for not doing this earlier. This investment is worth...EVERY...CENT! And YES, as a voice over artist, this is the perfect move to help take your career to the next level. Working with Anne was the best thing I could have ever done. Her teaching style provides a wealth of knowledge and I walked away from each session with nuggets of info that I could immediately apply to my work. I can't wait to see where this professional demo will take me in my voice over journey. Thanks Anne!"

    Kelly LaBrecque

  • Jason Arnold

    "Anne is an excellent coach because she knows how to teach! She possesses a winning combination of understanding what is marketable and knowing how to teach the ways of interpreting and performing scripts. I've had many "A-Ha!" moments during our intense sessions. Week after week, she helped me sharpen my skills and breakthrough some tough roadblocks. It all culminated with her directing and producing my new corporate narration demo, which I absolutely love! Thank you, Anne, for your patience, guidance, and support! You're awesome!"

    Jason Arnold

  • Alexandra Wiggins
    CORPORATE NARRATIONAlexandra Wiggins

    "Anne is an excellent coach because she knows how to teach! She possesses a winning combination of understanding what is marketable and knowing how to teach the ways of interpreting and performing scripts. I've had many "A-Ha!" moments during our intense sessions. Week after week, she helped me sharpen my skills and breakthrough some tough roadblocks. It all culminated with her directing and producing my new corporate narration demo, which I absolutely love! Thank you, Anne, for your patience, guidance, and support! You're awesome!"

    Alexandra Wiggins

  • Jennifer Brown

    "Anne is an Architect when it comes to demo production because Anne has a plan! She gave me her all—she worked so hard to bring out the best possible representation of me and my brand. She took the time to organize and discover my strengths in order to bring out my best! ANNE-d, she expected me to work just as hard to give everything I had right back! The result? An ANNE-mazingly crafted, perfect demo I was so happy with! I’m totally thrilled with my shiny new demo (I will use it well) and equally thrilled with Anne! Thank you, thank you!"

    Jennifer Brown

  • Barri Tsavaris
    ELEARNINGBarri Tsavaris

    "Working on a second demo with Anne was such a great experience because she already knew me and my brand so well. We could dig deeper faster. Since I’d already learned what goes into script selection and writing for demos, Anne could involve me more in this part of the process. In addition to handing me new scripts to read each week, she also tasked me with researching companies youtube channels, which gave me so much more insight into current trends in voiceover. Of course Anne wants you to have a stellar demo, but she also wants you to understand the business and markets you’re entering. We still focused heavily on performance coaching, but we were able to really lean into the target marketing for this demo, and the process was a collaborative one. I really felt like Anne was not just my coach for this demo, but my partner, and now, also, my friend. Thank you Anne!"

    Barri Tsavaris

  • Cindy Drago
    ELEARNINGCindy Drago

    "I'll admit, I was stressed out about making the investment in coaching and production of an eLearning demo. Having now been through the process, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Anne was able to help this former News Anchor break free from the announcer delivery. I certainly didn't make it easy for her, but she is an excellent teacher and mentor and I consider her a friend. She was patient and persistent. She does not run you through the process, she makes sure to get it right. I will forevermore have a little VO Peep on my shoulder chirping "teach me, don't tell me". Thank you, Anne!"

    Cindy Drago

  • Tamara Ryan
    ELEARNINGTamara Ryan

    "I knew I had to go to Anne for my E-Learning demo. I felt confident that she would produce something really tailored to me and my skills. And she delivered!"

    Tamara Ryan

  • Zac Aleman

    "I am completely blown away by how amazing my new demo sounds! Working with Anne has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Five minutes into my initial consultation with her, I knew that she was the one who could help me get to where I want to be. Anne is able to tailor each coaching session to exactly what you need, and her natural talent as a teacher helps bring out the best in you. After working with Anne, my ability to book jobs from all over the VO world increased so much. If you're considering starting coaching or getting a new demo, do yourself a favor: Call Anne. I promise you won't be disappointed. And you'll have a great time, too! Anne, thank you so much for helping me find my voice. And thanks SO MUCH for helping me to not be so "precious". You're the absolute best and a pleasure to work with. I WILL be back for more. "

    Zac Aleman

  • Almond Eastland
    ELEARNINGAlmond Eastland

    "Before we started working on my demo, Anne helped me develop this new skill set and made sure I would be able to consistently deliver a strong performance. She also spent a lot of time selecting and editing copy that was tailored to me. I was blown away by how polished and professional the final product sounds! I can't wait to start using it! Thank you for my awesome demo, Anne!"

    Almond Eastland

  • Ken Parleman
    ELEARNINGKen Parleman

    "Who better than Anne Ganguzza to turn this former middle school teacher into an elearning narrator! From the beginning of our work together, I could tell that she would bring her vast experience and insider knowledge to create an elearning demo representative of current industry trends and styles. Training was tough! Anne is kind and compassionate, but she is serious and honest about your progress and readiness for the business. Working with her has helped me find my VO sweet spot, and thanks to her, I have the confidence to succeed. Thanks Anne!"

    Ken Parleman

  • Michael Everhard
    ELEARNINGMichael Everhard

    "I was ready to make the next step in my VO career and Anne provided me with everything I needed. I wanted to learn from the best and really up my corporate eLearning game. Anne’s process is that of someone who has seen it all and knows the current and future trends to make sure your demo is laser targeted to prospective clients. Anne doesn’t just create a demo for you, she gives you knowledge and insight that gives you the edge in this increasingly crowded market. Working with Anne was a joy and what she has taught me about analyzing a script and delivering the teaching moments is something I use every time I step in the booth. I’ll definitely be back!"

    Michael Everhard

  • Barri Tsavaris

    "I literally cried tears of joy when I heard my new corporate narration demo for the first time! When I started working with Anne, I was already an industry pro with nearly a decade of recording experience, predominantly in the Korean market. I wanted to shift my focus to the North American market, and I knew that my demos didn’t reflect the more conversational style preferred in the West. My demos just didn’t sound like the REAL me. Right from the get-go, what appealed to me most about Anne is how she incorporates branding and marketing into her coaching process. I bought a Pro Refresh demo package and was on my way! But here’s the thing: When you purchase a demo from Anne, you’re not simply buying a demo…nope, not that simple. Her method is the opposite of a “demo mill.” Anne takes you on a journey to discover your gifts as a voice talent, break bad habits, hone in on your target markets, find the best scripts and inspiration, forget about what you *think* you should sound like, and learn actual tools to analyze a script and deliver a message. The result is a corporate narration demo that shows all the colors of my range, targeted to companies with values akin to my own – companies that would actually hire me. And the best part? As varied as all the spots are, I sound like me the whole time – the REAL me. "

    Barri Tsavaris

  • Kari Loya
    ELEARNINGKari Loya

    “Anne is a fantastic teacher with an exceptional marketing brain. I was impressed with how much time and effort she devoted to understanding my voice. Plus she's super fun. Highly recommended!"

    Kari Loya

  • Sarah Kramer

    “I am so thrilled with my corporate narration demo! I got goosebumps when I listened to the final product. Anne is an incredible coach and made the process really fun and, more importantly, really personalized. We spent a lot of time collating and crafting copy to best represented my range and ability, and I’m so thankful for Anne’s expertise and guidance! I have the confidence to market myself in the corporate narration world, and I’m excited to share my demo with them! Thank you, Anne, for this experience!! Looking forward to the next one!!"

    Sarah Kramer

  • Rodney Powell
    ELEARNINGRodney Powell

    “She * CONSISTENTLY * delivers. Our Medical Narration demo was already the best ever -- NOW this eLearning demo is another game-winning grand slam home run produced by Anne GANGUZZA !!!"

    Rodney Powell

  • Jenny Palchi

    “Anne Ganguzza you're AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE my new demo! You have truly exceeded my expectations throughout this entire experience and I couldn't be more proud and thrilled to have you as a coach and a producer. Your process and how you've structured your training is brilliant! It has been everything I needed to build a solid foundation for this work and this craft. Thank you so so much for your guidance, support, patience and all that you were able to bring out of me! This has been such an incredible journey!"

    Jenny Palchi

  • Annette Gomes
    ELEARNINGAnnette Gomes

    “Where do I start, just when I thought about giving up on VO, Anne G #2 flew into my life like a lightning bolt! Pushing me every week to challenge myself. I am beyond grateful Annie! A consummate professional who simply wants the best for her students. You have a way of helping us find our gift. Eternally grateful! - Annie G #1"

    Annette Gomes

  • Kathy Riley

    “Your Corporate narration package is the most organized and competently devised structure of teaching that I’ve ever effectively responded to in VO coaching. Starting from the demo analysis which forced me to understand the standard I need to reach in order to make a really good Corporate demo. The various story-based narrations were brilliant in teaching me the pacing and phrasing that you talked about and the scripts were great for practice. Especially when you attached their videos as a starting guideline. I’m so glad I signed up for your coaching!"

    Kathy Riley

  • Rodney Powell

    "There are not enough superlatives to express how pleased I am about our Medical Narration demo. My daughter is a real cardio post-op nurse at St. Luke's Hospital – The Woodlands. The first to hear this demo, she was genuinely impressed and validated the authenticity of our material -- it's absolutely credible. I'm usually the hardest critic of my own work, but this may be the best Medical Narration demo ever made ... by anyone. Your dedication to excellence has paid off!"

    Rodney Powell

  • Laura Doman
    EXPLAINERLaura Doman

    "I absolutely LOVE my new explainer video demo! So much fun to produce, and I’ve really enjoyed working with Anne to find my best sound and showcase it in this demo. She capitalized on my sense of humor, my corporate IT background (which we share!), and the industries I want to target to create a demo that captures the “real me” and is fun to listen to. I can’t wait to market it!"

    Laura Doman

  • George Orlando

    “Anne is an exemplary coach and producer. Her training methods were essential in sharpening my skills and showing my best work on this new demo. I highly recommend her services for training, demo production, and business mentorship.”

    George Orlando

  • Debra Fowler

    "Working with Anne on my Corporation Narration demo exceeded all of my expectations. She is so thorough and has her eye on branding from the very first session. From choosing industries to researching and writing personally tailored scripts, to coaching for that ‘just right’ feel for each spot, Anne was able to showcase my personality and vocal strengths. Her team’s attention to detail is second to none. I believe the quality of their work speaks for itself in every demo they produce."

    Debra Fowler

  • Angela Bingham

    "I am so glad that I chose the incredible Anne Ganguzza to produce my corporate narration demo. I’ve been working with Anne for several months now - to focus in more clearly on finding my true voice and honing my brand. Through this process, Anne has been a fun-loving, yet firm and supportive coach and teacher. Anne worked with me in a number of ways, taking great care to teach me, but also to source material that works strategically for me. The result is a corporate narration demo that showcases the range of reads I’m able to produce, totally customized to my own true voice, perfectly targeted to the type of clients I work with. My new, shiny corporate narration demo sounds marvelous and I am thrilled! Thanks a million, Anne!"

    Angela Bingham

  • Bob Tapper
    COMMERCIALBob Tapper

    "A demo with Anne is more than just getting an excellent demo - it’s a discovery in knowing who you are, and finding your authentic voice. With that said, I love my demo! I also learned that in order to do the job, you first have to get the job - and she teaches you the skills to get the job. The entire process was life-changing and an experience I’ll always remember. I feel so prepared and confident! Her teaching method is top of the line, and she will always and forever be a mentor in my VO journey. Kudos to your big talent and thank you so much Anne!"

    Bob Tapper

  • Mary Lou Flesh
    COMMERCIALMary Lou Flesh

    "I’ve been looking for the perfect words that explain what having a coach like Anne Ganguzza is worth, but words fall short in clarifying her value. I can tell you working with Anne has changed my life for the better. I am changed because of her guidance and expertise. Thank you, Anne. You are amazing!"

    Mary Lou Flesh

  • Justin Gailits
    COMMERCIALJustin Gailits

    "Anne completely exceeded my expectations. The entire process from our first session to demo day was an incredible experience. Every VO aspect was thoroughly covered and all the tips and techniques I acquired proved to be invaluable towards my end goal. To say Anne is an incredible teacher would be an understatement. She is supportive, easy-going, motivating, encouraging, but also isn't afraid to offer much-needed criticism and insight. The growth I acquired during our time simply wouldn't have happened without her coaching. I highly encourage anyone thinking about working with her to make it happen, you simply won't regret it!"

    Justin Gailits

  • Dani George
    COMMERCIALDani George

    "I am just so in love with this demo, I can't get over it. Anne is an amazing teacher and coach. Every word she said to me had a purpose and a lesson. She is kind, gentle, and even tough when I needed it the most. We pulled out ranges from me that I didn't even think were possible! She has this amazing ability of figuring out your strengths and teaching you how to shape them. You absolutely have to do the work and she will give you plenty! Loved every minute and even the sweat! It's not a workout without sweating!"

    Dani George

  • Matt Gilcheck

    2019 SOVAS Nominee, Outstanding Narration Demo Reel

    "First of all, I freaking LOVE this demo! :) I can't stop listening to it. Each time I listen I *try* to pick it apart and find something that needs to be fixed but it's damn near PERFECT! Thank you for working your magic."

    Matt Gilcheck

  • Brian Broggie

    " I knew from my first coaching session with Anne that she would be an excellent teacher and I would learn a lot from her. She did not disappoint. Anne has a background in teaching and it really sets her way above the rest. Her patience and her upbeat attitude made learning from her a true joy. She really got to know me as a person to help me find my strengths as a narrator. The cumulation of which produced a fantastic corporate narration demo that is bringing me new clients every week. Anne truly rocks the VO world!"

    Brian Broggie

  • Tia Rider

    "No one produces voice-over demos like Anne. If you want the most cutting-edge, industry-disrupting demos, you'll work with her. She thoroughly prepares you for your session and knows how to pull the best take out of you. I walked out of my session saying, "It couldn't have possibly gone any better."

    Tia Rider

  • Tia Rider

    "I walked out of my session saying, "It couldn't have possibly gone any better." I'm thrilled with my new demos and know they will help me reach the next level in voice-over!"

    Tia Rider

  • Jason Leikam

    "If anybody can make me sound awesome... it's you. And, I will tell you this.  Whether consciously or not, I'm sure I have been using what you taught me. In the last month I've won more auditions, and am so freakin' busy it's almost like work...(but not really work work) know what I mean."

    Jason Leikam

  • Kyle Arrington
    COMMERCIALKyle Arrington

    "As someone with a technical background, when I heard that Anne came from IT, I knew she'd be a perfect fit. Within the first couple of sessions, it felt like I'd been working with her for years. Anne is sharp, sincere, and perceptive. She was quick to pick up on my learning style and pace and was always right there with me. She also helped me to develop crucial elements of my brand that I had never considered, and put together a demo that displays so many facets of my voice and personality. Beyond that, she is a blast to work with and has always supported me, even when I've struggled. I would happily recommend Anne, and hope I have the pleasure to work with her again!"

    Kyle Arrington

  • Rick MacIvor

    2019 SOVAS Nominee, Outstanding Narration Demo Reel

    "Anne Ganguzza is a Superhero! I spent years relying on the crutch of having a nice voice. But Anne let me know quickly that wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Anne’s superpower is her ability to teach how to listen. She taught me how to listen for the story of every script, how to listen for the essence of the text, how to listen to myself to find my authenticity. Anne will never settle for a moment of mediocrity, and always held me to the highest standards. While we were creating my corporate narration demo, she was meticulous with every detail and it shows. I now have a new level of honesty and truth in all the work that I do, no matter what genre it is. Thank you Anne!"

    Rick MacIvor

  • Marc Scott
    ELEARNINGMarc Scott

    "I've struggled with the conversational read for years. Honestly, I would get so frustrated because everybody would say, "we want conversational" but nobody would explain what that meant. What it actually sounded like. Anne was the first coach that explained it in a way my brain could process. If that wasn't enough, she even managed to direct to it in my demo, my auditions and now my bookings!"

    Marc Scott

  • Moe Rock

    "When you want the best, you go to the top. I knew that when I called Anne to do my Corporate Narration Demo. She’s the best and I didn’t care how much it cost. I’d been through a major life change and needed to up my business to a whole new level. WORTH… EVERY… PENNY! Anne knows corporate narration inside and out and not only wrote killer copy, but I LEARNED and bettered my reads while working on the demo. Not to mention working with her was freakin’ FUN (we may have giggled till we peed a few times). I can’t be more excited to share such a ROCKIN’ demo with the corporate world! Thanks CHicka!!"

    Moe Rock

  • Debra Elaine

    "I really can’t thank you enough, Anne, for all of your support over the past 2 1/2 years; for your patience, knowledge, expertise, professionalism and your sense of humor through it all. You are my Fairy Godmother. You are making a life-long dream come true. I would think I was dreaming, except I know this must be real because all I have to do is ‘click’ and my very real demo starts to play. After years of listening to other people’s demos, I finally have one of my very own. You have captured the past and present ‘me’, while at the same time are shining a light on the path that is the future ‘me’. Considered yourself hugged."

    Debra Elaine

  • Becky Stinemetze
    COMMERCIALBecky Stinemetze

    "When I began to look for a voice over coach, I knew I wanted someone who had an established curriculum and who would work with me in preparation to make my first commercial demo. Anne was just that! Her background is in education so she understands the fundamentals of a great curriculum. Every session built on the one previous. She gives very specific homework which really helped me stay accountable between our sessions. From the first moment we spoke she was already thinking about how I could market and brand myself in my voice over career. Anne just wasn't my coach, she was my champion and cheerleader. She really cares about my success. I am so in love with my new demo. Anne crafted my demo around my range, the industry today and what I will have the potential to book right now. I know this is just the beginning, but I don't think I could have started out this career on a better foot. If you are looking for a coach with serious talent, a business/marketing mindset and a caring heart then go no further than Anne Ganguzza."

    Becky Stinemetze

  • Jordan Drayer

    "I recently completed my second demo with Anne. The first was narration, which of course turned out awesome. This second was commercials, something I never thought I could do because I don't have the bouncy happy voice most women seem to have in all the commercials I hear. But Anne helped me discover there is a niche for me, I can fit, and I can do this! I'm feeling more confident than ever that I am in the right industry. She has such a holistic approach, from discovering your sound, discovering you (parts of you you maybe weren't aware of), to the coaching of course and what reads sounds more natural, what needs to be highlighted. I really had a breakthrough in my thinking of myself during this process. Thank you!"

    Jordan Drayer

  • Cristina Pavel

    "Anne is amazing! I am so happy I chose her to be my coach and demo producer. She is patient and I felt very comfortable working with her. I appreciate that she was flexible with her schedule (I am 10 hours away). She found challenging the fact that I am Romanian and we could work on creating something unique. My global accent reaching out to a global market. She dug and brought the best in me. Coaching was extremely helpful and my demo sounds really good. I know it's *my* voice, but it's *her* direction and *her* meticulous touch that made the difference. Touché, Anne, thank you!"

    Cristina Pavel

  • Alena Bethune

    "I’ve been coaching with Anne Ganguzza almost weekly for the past 10 months and am so grateful to have found her. Our focus has been corporate narration, but the skills and confidence I’ve acquired through working with her has helped me book jobs in other areas of voice over as well. I recently recorded my corporate narration demo with Anne, and recording engineer, John Chomisnki at Atlantis Recording Group, and am super ecstatic with the end result!! Two amazing pros! Anne is very professional, honest, caring, supportive and funny as hell!! I always have a blast during our sessions. Working with Anne will bring out the best in you. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

    Alena Bethune

  • Michelle Way

    "When Anne produced my new Commercial Demos a short time ago, one of my many goals was to send it out to my top pick for VO Agent representation in LA. I believed in it - not only because of the quality, time and detail Anne put in to make the reel the best it could be, but because of the coaching I received from Anne for months prior. Anne strives to teach you perform beyond the Demo. I got a meeting with that agent within a month of sending her my shiny new Commercial Demo, and she signed me a week later, and within that week I already had four auditions! I couldn’t be happier and more excited to see what else is in store for me, but I do know I owe so much to Anne for her quality Demo coaching and production. Thank you, Anne!"

    Michelle Way

  • Dave Clarke

    "When you sign on to work with Anne, you'll come away with so much more than an amazing demo, you'll also come away a better voice over talent. Such was the case for me. Anne is a wonderful, passionate coach who took my ability to interpret and perform a script in my own voice to the next level. She really listened to me and truly invested herself in helping me to be the best I could be. She's a blast to work with! All our meetings were so much fun, right up to and including our studio session. Because of my radio production background, I'm picky. Anne went out of her way to make my demo sound awesome and I'm truly grateful. I can't recommend her more, she's the real deal. She's an excellent producer who knows what it takes to make your demo stand out. Do yourself a huge favor and put yourself in Anne's hands and let her take your VO game to the next level."

    Dave Clarke

  • Michelle Way
    COMMERCIALMichelle Way

    "I came to Anne at a point in my life where it was time to step up my game as a Voice-Over professional. In order to compete in this ultra-competitive industry, I knew I needed top-notch coaching and a killer commercial demo reel to get noticed; at every turn, all "signs" pointed to Anne Ganguzza! With her incredible passion, attention to detail, guidance, and patience, Anne gave me the coaching, mentoring and guidance I was looking for. She tapped into my true essence and brand, and helped capture my authentic signature voice-print. I couldn't be more proud and thrilled to have had Anne work so hard to produce not one, but TWO amazing commercial demo reels! You can tell immediately that she truly wants you to not only have a great reel, but to be successful in your craft! If you are even considering a career in Voice-Over (and are actually making real plans to make it happen) those plans better include the award-winning demo producer, Anne Ganguzza.

    Michelle Way

  • Ian Fishman

    "Three words: Trust Anne's process. I fully admit, I came in skeptical about undergoing coaching as part of the demo prep, but I am so, so glad I got over myself and went for it. With Anne and her process, you get a full-on personal clinic leading up to recording your demo... which is exactly the way it ought to be done. In the end, you come away a stronger talent, with a world-beating demo to prove it. And that's what truly separates Anne: she's not there just to record you, send your work to production, take your money and call it a day — it's hands-on. It's personal. It's tailored to you, and you alone. There's nothing worse than cutting a demo, listening back after you've finished... and realizing you sound just like everyone else out there. Anne works with you in-depth to develop a truly outstanding, one-of-a-kind calling card for your brand... and it's worth every last penny."

    Ian Fishman

  • Joey Schaljo

    2018 SOVAS Nominee, Outstanding Narration Demo Reel

    “Anne knew exactly the right story to tell with my corporate narration demo. We worked together to find the right industries to target for my voice, and then really let the copy and the acting grab the attention of the listener. She made sure the demo was modern and fresh, so that it easily related to the decision makers of today.”

    Joey Schaljo

  • Jenny Maguire
    COMMERCIALJenny Maguire

    "Certain people enter your life at just the right moment. Anne is a powerhouse - a game changer. She took my raw talent & passionate interest & developed a skilled & dedicated VO artist. Her savy business sense, spot on coaching instincts & dedication to pushing me to the next level makes her a gift to any VO artist. I loved working with Anne every moment. Recording my demo was a thrill & the final product is beyond my expectations. Anne Ganguzza - a wealth of expertise, experience & excellence.”

    Jenny Maguire

  • Dianna Conley
    COMMERCIALDianna Conley

    “This demo captures the “essence” of me! It’s a stellar representation of my skills and range. Working with Anne helped me realize my vocal brand and helped me develop a new love for commercial work. Upon listening to my demo for the first time, I cried. I was just so blown away with the phenomenal way that it highlights my vocal brand. I highly recommend Anne for coaching and demo production. I love her so much professionally and personally, and I am honored to have her as a coach, demo producer, and friend.”

    Dianna Conley

  • Jordan Drayer
    COMMERCIALJordan Drayer

    "I'd heard about Anne and been aware of her prowess as a coach for narration in particular, so I decided to leap forward once I knew I couldn’t stand still any longer. She starts off getting to know you well, which is both logical and awesome. She wants to know your personality, background, and such to not only learn your voice type and what types of voiceover you’d be best situated for as she listens, but also to know where your passions lie, as that can come through in your performance. Her insights into narration, the way she makes it so common sense and how she keeps you in mind of who your audience is, cannot be beat. Working with Anne made me more sure of myself and where I fit in. I felt very humbled to see her and her engineer John working so hard for my sake at the actual demo production time. When you have the chance, don’t pass up working with Anne on business, voiceover, or anything.”

    Jordan Drayer

  • Samuel Fleming