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Videos have incredible power to tell stories and hold an audience captive. According to marketing data research center, Aberdeen, “marketers who are using video are seeing (on average) 49% faster growth in revenue.” Explainer videos can help businesses increase conversion rates by up to 80%! Since these videos are so connected to corporate growth, explainer video voice over needs to be increasingly compelling, connected, and caught up with today’s trends.


Explainer videos hold a consumer’s attention better than text on a screen. Typically around 60-90 seconds long, they pull together graphics, animation, audio and imagery to presents an idea, product or service in an interesting way. According to Rohan Kale, founder of explainer video production site, a good explainer video should include a voice to “…reflect your brand well and should replicate your brand’s ‘tone’ as established on your website/landing page." And that's just where we'll go in our coaching sessions - into the heart of what makes a great explainer video truly pop!


Explaining requires empathy. A great explainer video voice will convey a genuine desire to connect with people on a personal level, and your sound should imply collaboration during the instruction process. Much like the long-form genre of eLearning voice over, explainer voice over requires you to play a teacher’s role. The company who produces an explainer video wants to teach an audience about their product or service, so you’ll need to approach this copy like it’s a mini instructional module. Luckily, my background in education goes into each session we have together, and you’ll have the benefit of both a teacher and a seasoned voiceover pro!


In order for a company to sell their product, service or idea, they need to show consumers their value proposition. During our coaching sessions, I’ll teach you how to dissect an explainer script and tell a company’s story in a way that truly engages an audience. My priority is ensuring you understand how companies brand and intend to use their message before you step into the voiceover booth. You’ll need to be able to break down complex topics and deliver a simple and effective message, and I’ve got just the tools to help you get there!


Whiteboard animation style is trending, as it easily clarifies how a business or product works. Voice over for this style of explainer video is often fun, engaging, and conversational, and we’ll work on getting your voice in line with a brand’s style. Often, the best explainer videos have a “casual Friday” feel, and include voices that connect specifically with a type of product or service. In our coaching sessions, we’ll earmark your voice for potential companies and concepts, helping you find your explainer video voice over sweet spot!



Take advantage of this upsurge in video content - position your voice toward trends in current video marketing strategies! During our coaching sessions, you’ll gain guidance in the areas that matter most. Whether you’re a seasoned voiceover pro or a brand-new voiceover talent, focusing on explainer video voiceover technique is key to achieving success in the genre. We’ll work on technique, script analysis, style & more, and hone in on what makes your voice unique, during my specialized vocal branding process. 

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Let's get your voice brand-ready!

- Anne Ganguzza


She’s a highly-respected and experienced voiceover talent, and she’s done LOTS of explainer videos! Her voice has helped position corporate concepts for brands like Delta, PayPal, and Microsoft , and she’s led the voiceover coaching industry using technology and current marketing techniques to the advantage of her students. Truly a wealth of corporate knowledge, Anne will take your boring corporate read and turn it into something explainer video producers will LOVE!

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