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The voices you hear across TV & internet commercials are meant to influence consumers into taking action, buying a product or using a service. Everyone wants us to sign up for their new app, check out their new line of clothing or latest car model, which is why commercial voice over is one of the most sought-after genres in our industry. To become a successful commercial voiceover artist, you’ll need to become proficient in current market styles, techniques and practices. 


Broadcast programming, whether documentary, reality, non-fiction, true crime, narration, etc. all use voice over to guide an audience through a story. This is tangible and important delivery; Reconsider Discovery Channel’s Shark Week without broadcast narration voice over, and all we’re left with is sharks swimming around our screens! Learn how to steer the show with powerful, supportive vocal presence; how to support a show’s storyline with your sound; and how to advance onscreen timelines using your rhythm, cadence and style. 


An in-show narrator must understand the subtleties and nuances of supporting a show’s storyline. It’s crucial for documentary narrators to envision the onscreen action and understand the story being told. I teach students how to comprehend story structure and become a subject-matter “expert,” capable of bringing listeners on a journey about quantum physics or the history of the Roman Empire with ease!


Voiceover narration isn’t supposed to be the star of the show. Rather, an effective narrator brings balance, structure, and nuanced interpretation of what a writer or producer is trying to convey with their show’s purpose. During our sessions, you’ll work on pacing, timing, emotional connections, and voice technique, while learning how to anchor a program and honor its intent.


I was an early adopter of ipDTL, and use this premier, on-trend audio technology exclusively during coaching sessions, at no additional charge to students. ipDTL’s clear streaming audio quality allows us to work and record together in a studio-like environment regardless of geographical distance, and prepares students unfamiliar with the technology to use it in future directed sessions with producers and engineers



My voiceover coaching process is unique within the industry, and involves vocal branding as the key to each student’s unique coaching and demo experience. Branding begins during your first session and continues throughout your coaching process. This allows me to earmark suitable industries, brands and scenarios that will work well with your vocal footprint. We’ll cover copy analysis and interpretation, as well as the critical acting skills necessary for an authentic and engaging performance. You’ll practice and perform current copy - both live and self-directed- as a means toward developing modern voice techniques. Homework will be assigned weekly, giving you the opportunity to get the most out of your time with me.

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Let's get your voice broadcast-ready!

- Anne Ganguzza


She’s in demand for a reason! Twenty years’ experience in technology & education, working across corporate and broadcast structures come together in Anne’s voiceover coaching process. The voice acting skills and techniques she teaches are in line with the modern, authentic voiceover style being sought after by today’s buyers, and the strategic processes she’ll impart can be used while auditioning for real broadcast, in-show or documentary narration bookings. Her access to current market research allows her to pinpoint trending voiceover styles across industries and ensure that her students work with relevant and current copy. Plus? You'll have fun. I mean, lots of fun. The kind of fun that makes working on your craft truly exciting!

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