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What genre of VO should you start with?

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When you're starting out in VO, genres can seem a bit confusing. Which is the best genre for your voice? What genre is the most popular? Where should you start? Let's talk about it.


Finding Your Voice: Navigating the Vast Landscape of Voiceover Genres

Today, I want to delve into a topic that often perplexes aspiring voiceover artists - choosing the right genre to study. Every moment in the world of voice acting is a teachable one, and understanding the nuances of different markets can be the key to success. In this blog post, we'll explore the various voiceover genres, their market dynamics, and why starting with the fundamentals of voice acting is crucial.

Commercial vs. Animation:

When embarking on a voiceover journey, many individuals immediately think of commercial or animation genres. While these are popular first choices, it's essential to recognize that the market dynamics within each genre vary. For instance, the commercial genre is currently trending towards Millennial and diverse and inclusive voices. If you're a mature individual entering the field, it might be worth considering other genres that align better with the current market trends.

The Importance of Voice Acting Fundamentals:

Regardless of the genre you ultimately choose, the foundation of voice acting remains consistent. Starting with a coach who imparts the fundamentals of voice acting is crucial. Understanding your character, audience, scene, and the purpose of the copy are universal principles that apply across all genres. Building a strong acting foundation allows you to adapt and evolve, ensuring your voice aligns seamlessly with the chosen genre.

Exploring Long Format Narration and Corporate Genres:

While not always the first preference for everyone, long format narration, particularly in the corporate genre, constitutes a significant market share. Currently, about 80% of the market involves corporate narration, encompassing video content that goes beyond traditional TV or radio ads. Companies often require narrators for their websites, internal training videos, and e-learning modules. This underlines the importance of considering corporate narration and training genres, which might not be as apparent but offer substantial opportunities.

Corporate Training and E-Learning:

Corporate training and e-learning represent vast markets within the voiceover industry. As companies strive to educate employees and customers on various aspects such as safety procedures, internal software, HR policies, and product features, the demand for voiceover artists in these genres is significant. While it might not be the first genre that comes to mind, corporate training and e-learning provide a steady stream of opportunities for voice actors.

In conclusion, the journey into the world of voiceover begins with a solid foundation in voice acting fundamentals. Understanding the current market trends within different genres can help aspiring artists make informed decisions about their career paths. Whether you find your niche in commercial, animation, corporate, or training genres, the principles of effective voice acting remain constant. So, take the time to explore various genres, invest in a reputable coach, and hone your skills to find your unique voice in the diverse landscape of voiceover.

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About Anne Ganguzza

Recipient of multiple Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Narration Demo - Anne Ganguzza is California-based Voice Over Coach and award-winning Director & Producer specializing in target-marketed voiceover Demo Production. Anne's production team creates SOVAS-nominated demos across several genres, including Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning, and her VO BOSS podcast is the winner of SOVAS Outstanding Podcast in 2022.



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