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Welcome to one of the largest markets in the voiceover industry! Corporate Narration, also known as Industrial or Business Narration, offers substantial opportunity for upcoming and seasoned voiceover talent alike. Help companies tell meaningful and powerful brand stories, keep their members and staff informed of company plans, and promote internal business concepts. To book this type of project and attract corporate buyers, you’ll need to build your voiceover portfolio in a corporate direction. 


Marketing departments for corporations and brands have to cut through a lot of noise to reach an ever-jaded audience. Overt sales efforts turn off most modern consumers, and companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to alter their message toward today’s buyer. Increasingly, brands are relying on video as an effective method to convey their new efforts, sales promotions and ideas both internally and in front of possible investors. Your voice is key to making a presentation or promotion truly align with that brand’s message, overall image and purpose.


Established brands and companies weave a mission statement and common core values throughout their corporate narrative. It is our job as narrators to familiarize ourselves with these values and approach the intended audience with empathy. Together, we’ll focus on the nuances behind corporate narration technique by telling the right story, making the message engaging, and connecting with the audience. Carpe the Corporate Diem!


If it all seems daunting and complex, don’t worry! I’m here to provide a foundation from which to launch or expand your corporate narration voiceover career. You’ll need a good plan and a well laid out map, so consider me your VO GPS! Each step of my voiceover curriculum builds upon the last, customizing itself to each student and providing guidance where you need it most. I’ll be here to help you through the various stages in your corporate narration success story, and I’m good at what I do! (Seriously, check out my reviews HERE).


As companies use storytelling as a method of selling their products and services, we in the voiceover industry work to tell each story in a unique way, using a company’s specific language. Corporate voiceover talent need to understand how to interpret a client’s copy using the words, terms and phrases of that client’s industry. I’ll work with you on identification and extraction of significant words as a means of better comprehending the company’s intended narrative - finding the story hidden within the copy.


I have them, and wear them unapologetically. My career has involved pursuing tech, engineering, education and all things innovative (I still have my first CAD project)! Something about how technology moves the human race forward and enhances our lives makes me just giddy, and I pride myself on being an early adopter of new and experimental tech. My training sessions involve working with students to both implement and understand the current tech used in voice over, giving them the advantages they need to compete in today’s industry.



Our connected, competitive market means that talent must do more than merely read well with a nice voice. Companies are looking for well-trained talent who will help tell their story in the way they want it told. Successful voiceover artists can go from ‘good’ to ‘great’ with proper coaching in corporate narration, and I know first-hand how much potential and growth exist in this genre. 

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Let's get your voice business-ready!

- Anne Ganguzza


She’s a corporate narration phenom and all-around brand genius. Prior to working in voice over, Anne spent decades in corporate America, working across the medical business technology and training industries. She delivers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in corporate narration, insights into client and consumer demands, and a coaching style that is second to none. Anne combines her extensive corporate experience with daily market research, offering her students a clear vantage point toward the demands of  modern business clients. She’ll teach you the skills, styles and techniques necessary to become an authentic brand storyteller and conversational narrator. 

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