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Your demo is a showcase of your talent, and is the essential component of a successful voiceover actor’s toolbox. My unique demo creation process positions your vocal brand in front of its perfect audience, using Strategic Target Marketing. I hone in on your individual skills, strengths and styles as we work together, creating a demo that truly reflects your voice, marketing plan and career goals.

An award-winning Director & Producer

Anne is a Voice Arts Award winner for Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voice Over; and a six-time SOVAS nominee for demo production. She’s been nominated for Outstanding Narration Demo, Outstanding Commercial Demo, Outstanding eLearning Demo, Outstanding Corporate Narration Demo, and Outstanding Podcast.


I work with individuals from around the globe to establish their own, special vocal branding strategy. We’ll work together to enhance critical core techniques while improving upon your competitive edge, and ensuring your demo accurately reflects the sound you'll be able to master and accomplish in the booth.

I know there are ZERO gold-medal winners who didn’t train first. Expect to be challenged toward your best performances and most nuanced applications of your skillset, and anticipate getting more than just a voiceover demo; You’ll understand what your demo can do and how you can use it in today’s marketplace!


Preparedness is key to a successful performance, whether you’re working toward your first demo or positioning yourself into the market. I know there are ZERO gold-medal winners who didn’t train first. Your demo needs to reflect what you can actually do - and that's what we'll create.


What will you accomplish with your new demo? How will you stand out from the competition and get your voice heard? From our very first session, I’ll be working on these goals with you, vocally branding you and customizing scripts that will elevate your voice in today's marketplace.


Your demo needs to set you apart from other voices and keep you in line with trends, markets & casting specs. We’ll map out a step-by-step strategy for each spot, incorporating relevant real-world styles and nuanced performances into something wholly YOU.



Training in the skills you need to work within your voiceover genre is key to recording a strong, marketable demo - one that will get you booked - which is why I mandate coaching with each demo produced, and why I strive for more than a “quick-in/quick-out” production process. You’ll coach within your preferred genre via ipDTL-connected sessions, and will be ready to land those perfectly-planned vocal moments…


Whether you're just starting out in the business, breaking into a new voiceover genre, or refreshing your marketing presence, you'll need a well-produced demo to represent your bookable abilities! If you're unsure about which type of demo will best suit your career goals, browse genres and hear top student samples using the links below, or book a FREE 15-minute CONSULT and we'll figure it out together...

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