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eLearning is more than the wave of our future; it is already in place as the standard means of delivery for countless corporations, schools, universities and more. Knowledge and information can be transmitted quickly and easily via online learning modules, and better technologies allow us to connect with an ever-broadening array of global learners. Keeping these screen-weary students engaged becomes the job of voiceover talent who specialize in teaching and educational content. 


According to Forbes, the global eLearning market encompasses over $300 billion in annual revenue. That’s a lot of projects for voice over talent, as learning modules nearly always include some type of vocal guidance during the instruction process. Dry, informative reads have fallen by the wayside as teaching platforms seek conversational, engaging voice over for their eLearning projects. A great eLearning voice is charismatic, stimulating, knowledgable and emotionally interesting; it connects students with information and keeps people listening!


While commercial and narration voice over focus on gaining an audience’s attention, eLearning voice over engages an already-rapt audience. Whether they’ve arrived at an eLearning module via a school activity, corporate training or online opt-in learning environment, students who navigate distance learning require voice over that is knowledgeable and informative without being boring or robotic.


We’ll work on analyzing eLearning copy to find its “teachable moments” and hone in on what it takes to boost these critical spots in teaching copy. No matter the setting, you’ll be able to quickly discover and vocally highlight each important element, and connect students with information in a fun, engaging way!


During a learning module, you’ll have around eight seconds in which to grab and hold a student’s attention. Just eight seconds. In those eight seconds, a great eLearning voice needs to become a fun, charismatic teacher who cares about students and genuinely wants them to learn.


Your voice will need to ‘hook’ students on content they may consider dry or less than fun, and we’ll work on vocal techniques to propel you toward that magical eight second mark - and BEYOND!


In order for a company to sell their product, service or idea, they need to show consumers their value proposition. During our coaching sessions, I’ll teach you how to dissect an explainer script and tell a company’s story in a way that truly engages an audience. My priority is ensuring you understand how companies brand and intend to use their message before you step into the voiceover booth. You’ll need to be able to break down complex topics and deliver a simple and effective message, and I’ve got just the tools to help you get there!


Great teachers live forever in the hearts and minds of those who learn from them (Here are MINE). I certainly wouldn’t be here today without the teachers who shaped and molded my sense of understanding, and I’ve become very sentimental about this process.


Connecting with eLearning copy is more than a savvy means toward selling a product or uplifting a brand; it’s sharing knowledge and changing lives. And I LOVE being part of it!



I’ve been working in education for decades, and can show you how to take real-world classroom experience and apply it to voice over. My coaching is unique in the voiceover industry, applying vocal branding techniques to each student’s specific sound, marketability, and goals. Together, we’ll earmark your voice for certain companies, education platforms and training opportunities. I’ll boost your teaching reads and get you headed down a path toward eLearning voice over success!

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Let's get learning..!

- Anne Ganguzza


She’s an educator! Anne’s extensive experience teaching as a public high school teacher, adult continuing educator and college professor make her an in-demand voiceover trainer. She’s taken her real-world experience and applied it to voiceover coaching and eLearning script creation. She’ll teach you how to be more than just an articulate reader, while you work toward becoming a working professional voiceover eLearning specialist. 

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