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To get better, think small.

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Many voice actors dream of making it big. The road to get there is twisty and bumpy. Taking acting classes is a great way to navigate your way there. A great way that can fly under that radar are small group workouts.


The Big Power of Small Group Workouts

Discover the transformative potential of small group workouts in your voiceover journey. The perfect blend of individual coaching and small group sessions can offer a comprehensive and educational experience tailored to your needs, providing both personalized guidance and the collective wisdom of a group.

Small group workouts offer numerous benefits that could significantly enrich your voiceover journey. They are platforms for building relationships, learning from others, networking, and forging connections that could lead to invaluable client referrals.

Our unique VO Peeps workouts have evolved from strictly in-person gatherings to a hybrid model that harnesses technology to unite voiceover artists worldwide. This innovation has fostered a supportive and collaborative community that transcends geographical boundaries.

One of the main advantages of small group workouts is the shared learning experience. While one-on-one coaching provides an undeniably personalized learning environment, small group workouts supplement this by providing the opportunity to learn from others. It’s fascinating to see how other people perform at the mic, how they are directed or redirected by the coach, and what unique approaches they bring to the table.

Over the years, our VO Peeps workouts have transitioned from being a local community gathering to a hybrid model that integrates in-person training with online coaching. This format has made quality coaching accessible to individuals in remote locations who otherwise couldn’t attend in-person sessions. Furthermore, the small group classes have retained their essence, providing each participant with ample time at the mic and valuable feedback from the coach.

In-person coaching isn’t confined to one-hour sessions. It can span over days, take the form of a weekend retreat, or a day-long class. What makes this arrangement incredibly beneficial is the combination of individualized attention and the collective learning from listening to other people’s directions and the education provided to the group as a whole.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of small group workouts is the sense of community it fosters. Besides the individualized education, it’s about building relationships. Networking with other voiceover artists and coaches can prove invaluable in your voiceover journey. It could result in client referrals, lead to other coaches, or even create opportunities for peer-led workouts where voice talent helps other voice talent. Having a supportive community can make a world of difference in your journey.

The voiceover industry can feel isolating without a sense of community. A small group workout, combined with one-on-one coaching, can be the perfect antidote, providing the resources, camaraderie, and guidance you need to excel in your voiceover journey.

Small group workouts and one-on-one coaching together can be the winning combination to maximize your journey in the voiceover field. So, whether you’re a seasoned voiceover artist or a newbie, take advantage of these two powerful tools and see your career flourish like never before.

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About Anne Ganguzza

Recipient of multiple Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Narration Demo - Anne Ganguzza is California-based Voice Over Coach and award-winning Director & Producer specializing in target-marketed voiceover Demo Production. Anne's production team creates SOVAS-nominated demos across several genres, including Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning, and her VO BOSS podcast is the winner of SOVAS Outstanding Podcast in 2022.



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