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Rhea Galland eLearning Demo

2022 SOVAS Winner: Outstanding Narration Demo - eLearning - Best Voice Over

"Awesome! I just received and heard my E-Learning Demo. It sounds terrific and the road to get there was a pleasure. Anne provided clear and solid instruction throughout the coaching with very constructive feedback. I think the greatest pleasure of working with Anne is that she kept me on task and provided support with her ever-present smile in her voice. Thank you, Anne." - Rhea Galland

About the Producer:

Anne Ganguzza is an award-winning Director & Producer in Orange County, CA. Recipient of the 2022 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding eLearning Demo and 2017 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Narration Demo, Anne's demos are SOVAS-nominated across Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning categories as well. Her podcast, VO Boss, has also been nominated for Outstanding Podcast.



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