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How do you use crescendos in a VO Script?

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All stories have peaks and valleys. Many times, you can find out what's most important in a script by looking for the crescendos in the copy. But then what? In this video, Anne lays out what to look for and how to make the most of the crescendos in the copy.


Finding the Arc

All stories have a beginning, middle, and end, so where do the crescendos come in?

Today I wanna talk to you about crescendos in your story and how you can use the crescendos and swells in your story to really keep a listener engaged.

A lot of times we end up going into the booth and if we have a long format narration we end up just reading sentence, sentence, sentence. One sentence after the next. We don't really see or step back and see how that story actually comes together. We don't see where is the introduction of the story, or where is the main topic one of the story. Maybe there is a wonderful call to action in the story, and then maybe we talk about another topic. We don't really relate those sentences together very well if we just are reading line after line.

In order to find the crescendos in the story, I want you to step back and I want you to look at the story. Look for the introduction, look at the first couple of sentences in your paragraph and that should be an introduction to the topic or what it is that you're going to be voicing about. Then I want you to look at the bottom because the bottom of the copy should be a summary or a recap of everything that you've talked about in the paragraph. If not then it might be the end of a chapter or the end of a segment or a topic. So you've got the beginning you've got the end now somewhere in the middle there's going to be probably crescendo or a swell in the story where everything comes together. There's a revelation or this is really what we're trying to get at, or here is a call to action for the story. I want you to look for that and there might be multiple calls to action or multiple crescendos. When you get those crescendos I want you to reel those listeners back in.

OK how are you going to do that? You need to get their attention. A lot of times you can get their attention by slowing down you, if you get softer, you can change your emotion. There's a lot of different things you can do depending on where that crescendo is. What the crescendo actually says usually unveils a deeper meaning to the story. So next time you go into the booth and you've got a big long narration to do, I want you really consider looking for the crescendos, looking for the topic changes, looking for those moments where you can reel those listeners back in.

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About Anne:

Anne Ganguzza is a professional voice actor and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voiceover and business skills - including voice over Coaching and Genre-based Demo Production. She specializes in conversational Commercial & Narration styles, including Corporate, eLearning, Technology, and On-Hold Messaging. Located in Orange County, California, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students via ipDTL and Zoom.



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