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Getting Ready for a BOSS 2019

VO BOSS • Voiceover Business Podcast
VO BOSS • Voiceover Business Podcast

It's been a Boss 2018

Gabby & I have ben busy finishing up VO BOSS end-of-year episodes (with the best outtakes!), and are prepping for a kick-ass new start to 2019! We've had a great year here at the podcast, where we've streamlined our recording & distribution processes and are on target to hit 40K downloads soon - thanks to all of you!

I've learned so much this year, and grown in ways I didn't see coming. The technical aspects of podcasting included, I've really appreciated discovering more of the ins & outs of growing and maintaining such a loyal fan base. It's truly heartwarming to hear feedback from people all over the world who listen and feel impacted by our show. We love you all, and it's like incredible to see that kind of spirit returned.

Catch this:

In early January, we'll be kicking 2019 off effectively with a FREE webinar for those entrepreneurs who need to get their stuff together ;0

Gabby and I have both built up our business using these methods, and have devised some pretty effective strategies while learning how to avoid many common mistakes & pitfalls. Sign up here and grab a seat (it's free!) and get ready to completely #RockYourBusiness in 2019!

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About the Author: Anne Ganguzza is a full-time voice talent and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voice over and business skills - including VO demo training and production. She specializes in Conversational Commercial and Narration styles, including Corporate, E-Learning, Technology, Healthcare - Medical, Telephony, and On-Hold.  Located in Orange County, CA, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students in person and via Skype, ipDTL or Zoom.  



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