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Get better at voiceover with your hands!

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Why is it that when we get into the booth we sit so still and stoic when in real life we talk with our whole bodies? Using your hands and moving around in the booth can help you deliver a more authentic performance.


Unleashing the Power of Your Hands in the Booth: A Guide to Authentic and Engaging Performances

Today, we'll explore a crucial aspect of enhancing your performances – using your hands in the booth. Let's dive into how this simple yet often overlooked technique can elevate your storytelling and make your delivery more authentic.

In the realm of performances, it's easy to get caught up in the words on the script. However, to truly connect with your audience, it's essential to bring the story to life. Many times, we find ourselves merely looking at the words and speaking them without engaging our body. In normal conversations, we use our hands, we move around, and we express ourselves physically. So why not bring that same energy into the recording booth?

When we rely solely on speaking with our mouths and neglect the rest of our body, our performances can lack believability and authenticity. To avoid this pitfall, consider incorporating natural movements, just as you would when conversing with a friend.

Imagine conducting yourself in the booth, much like a symphony conductor guides an orchestra. By integrating hand movements, you not only infuse energy into your delivery but also maintain engagement, especially during lengthy sessions. Whether you're conveying a point or navigating a lengthy e-learning module, using your hands can help generate and sustain the necessary energy.

Don't be afraid to shrug your shoulders, make purposeful gestures, and conduct yourself dynamically. Remember, you're not just speaking; you're performing. Utilize your hands to underscore key points and maintain a rhythm that keeps your audience hooked.

Conducting yourself in the booth has a twofold benefit: it energizes your performance and dissipates that energy throughout your body, creating a natural and rhythmic delivery. This shift from concentrating solely on your mouth to involving your entire body adds depth and authenticity to your voice acting.

Incorporate these techniques, and you'll notice a significant difference in the impact of your performances. To delve deeper into refining your skills, check out our performance tips in the video section.

Remember, every movement contributes to the authenticity of your performance. So go ahead, conduct yourself in the booth, and witness the positive impact on your delivery. For more valuable performance tips, stay tuned for our upcoming videos. See you next week!

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About Anne Ganguzza

Recipient of multiple Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Narration Demo - Anne Ganguzza is California-based Voice Over Coach and award-winning Director & Producer specializing in target-marketed voiceover Demo Production. Anne's production team creates SOVAS-nominated demos across several genres, including Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning, and her VO BOSS podcast is the winner of SOVAS Outstanding Podcast in 2022.



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