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Effective Networking Strategies for Voice Actors

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When you network with leads and other business owners, it's important to remember to stay focused on who you're talking to, rather than promoting yourself. You'll find that when you stay focused on the other person, your networking will pay off down the road.


Hey everyone, in today's video I'm gonna give you some tips for some successful networking so you can grow your business.

Now that we are starting to be out and about and we can do some in-person networking, I really think it means a lot to be able to physically be in the presence of others in order to really network effectively. We want to network so that we are memorable, so I don't want you to network just to sell yourself. We really want to network to start to establish and maintain a relationship. Because that relationship is going to benefit you further on down the road if not immediately

Just because you're networking in person doesn't mean that you're going to get a job right away. However, the seeds that you plant for a good relationship and then continue to grow over time can really come back and help you to be more successful in your business. You'll start to get more gigs and be referred for more gigs. Make sure that your primary purpose is to really just establish a relationship. If possible in-person networking is best because not only will you have the ideas that you communicate back-and-forth with each other but you also have an energy.

You'll have an energy that is shared between you which is really hard to duplicate if you were just texting back-and-forth or emailing back-and-forth. If you can't have in person networking I think the next best thing would be maybe a video call like a zoom call or even a phone call is really effective. I know that may not be the most popular method right now with the younger generation who likes to communicate back-and-forth via text, which I think is fine, but if you can possibly either get on the phone and share that moment. It's not just text back-and-forth so that people can hear the nuances in your voice they can hear the emotion in the connection I think it's going to work out a whole lot better for your business and help you to be more successful.

The other benefit of networking in person or in some format where people can see and hear you is that when you think externally, meaning you're not just thinking about how can I sell yourself. You want to think about how can I serve your customer. "How can I serve this potential client and really listen to what they have to say?" A lot of times I would always advocate to listen first because then you can get to know your potential client and understand what their joys are, and what their frustrations are, and then you can figure out how you can best serve them with your business.

Much love and Keep on rockin' your biz!




About the Author: Anne Ganguzza is a full-time voice talent and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voice over and business skills - including VO demo training and production. She specializes in Conversational Commercial and Narration styles, including Corporate, E-Learning, Technology, Healthcare - Medical, Telephony, and On-Hold.  Located in Orange County, CA, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students in person and via Skype, ipDTL or Zoom.  



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