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How should you shift your social media for your voiceover business?

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New social media platforms are popping up all over the place these days. How do you deal with it? Should you jump ship? Should you just add another social media to your already busy schedule?


Navigating the Business Social Media Landscape: Choosing and Managing the Right Platforms

In an age where social media platforms are evolving at a rapid pace, businesses often find themselves in a whirlpool of options. The challenge of choosing the right social media platform and managing it effectively for your business can be overwhelming. In the recent episode of our podcast, we delve into this very issue, offering tips and insights drawn from personal experience.

There is always a temptation to explore new platforms, especially when they are trending. For example, Meta's Threads is the latest trendsetter, a potential 'Twitter lookalike' that has caught the attention of many businesses. But, should you abandon your current platform and jump ship to the new one? It's a question that needs careful thought.

Being a business, you need to invest your time and energy wisely. It's crucial to consider which social media platforms serve your business and your target demographic best. For instance, having around 9,000 followers on Twitter, I wouldn't want to abandon this platform just because a new one is trending. Growing a substantial following takes time, and abandoning a platform may not necessarily benefit the business.

Managing multiple social media platforms can be a daunting task. It's essential to evaluate whether you have the time and resources to dedicate to posting content on a new platform. Remember, the content you post is a significant aspect of your business marketing.

It's not just about having a business profile on social platforms. Your social media persona indirectly showcases your personality, which can help potential clients know, like, and trust you. This can pave the way for them to become your customers, as people tend to buy from those they trust.

Repurposing content across different platforms can be an effective strategy. For instance, I share content from my VO Boss podcast across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but in different formats suitable for each platform. This strategy helps to maximize the reach and impact of your content without needing to create new content for each platform.

At the end of the day, navigating the social media landscape for your business is a journey. It requires strategic choices, careful management, and a keen understanding of your audience on each platform. It's essential to take it slow, listen more than you talk, and observe the dynamics on a new platform before investing your time and effort into it. Above all, remember that your aim is not to advertise your business directly but to showcase your persona and build trust with your potential clients.

Be sure to subscribe for more insights on managing and maximizing your business's social media presence. Until next time, continue to tread lightly and wisely in the ever-evolving world of social media.

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About Anne Ganguzza

Recipient of multiple Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Narration Demo - Anne Ganguzza is California-based Voice Over Coach and award-winning Director & Producer specializing in target-marketed voiceover Demo Production. Anne's production team creates SOVAS-nominated demos across several genres, including Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning, and her VO BOSS podcast is the winner of SOVAS Outstanding Podcast in 2022.



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