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A Thoughtful Look At Gratitude and Goal Setting For The New Year

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It’s often said that it’s easier to stay on track with your goals if you take some time off to step away and then look back. Whether you take a physical break or just refresh your mindset, taking a little time to disconnect and reflect can be one of the most effective ways of staying focused and reconnecting to what you want to achieve in the year ahead.

A new mindset of combining gratitude journaling with goal-setting exercises can help you enrich your present and reframe your state of mind to help you tackle your new year's resolutions.

The Benefits of Gratitude Journaling

Lately, it seems as if we have all been bombarded with negative news stories, broadcasts, and social media that have a way of distorting our view of the world. Many studies have shown that being grateful helps counteract this negativity. Gratitude can also be used to improve mental health, increase happiness and help you achieve your goals.

Whether you're a seasoned journal writer or someone who's never tried it before, a gratitude journal can help you stay focused on your goals and motivated by the things that are already going well in your life.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears, and abundance appears.”Tony Robbins

Start Here

Select a notebook, journal or scrapbook to write in. Start by thinking about the things that are going particularly well in your life at this time. If you are having difficulty identifying these things, ask yourself: What are three things that happened yesterday for which I am really grateful? Now, reflect on the past year. What went well? Now write it down! Write down three or five things every day. Psychologists have found that it takes only three minutes a day to have a measurable positive effect on your mood and well-being. Some people like to use various organizers that are designed specifically for Goal Planning, Gratitude & Focus. Some popular combination ones include Panda Planner (this is the one I have) and Clever Fox.

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Setting realistic goals

A new year is a time for a fresh start, for setting realistic goals, and for achieving success. It is incredible how change can happen when we are feeling thankful. Paying gratitude can help create balance and reduce stress, as well as open the doors to so many other things in life that we often take for granted. It also gives us perspective on the things in life that we want. Here are some steps to guide you when setting goals.

Step 1: Focus on the positive. Research shows that people who set goals with a positive mindset are more likely to achieve their goals than those who set goals with a negative mindset. For example, while "I will not eat fast food" is a goal, "I will eat healthy meals" is a goal with a positive mindset. Reaching your goal requires action.

Step 2: Make your goals achievable. Sometimes people set impossible goals because they either overestimate their abilities or underestimate the amount of time it takes to achieve the goal. To avoid this pitfall, break down big goals into milestones and small steps, then create a timeline for each step so you can see exactly how long it will take to achieve the goal. This will make sure you don't give up when something doesn't go as planned.

Step 3: Make sure your goal is realistic in terms of time, cost and support required -- one that can be accomplished within the timeframe you have set. Once you have set your goals, make sure you are staying on track by reviewing them daily or weekly. This is the best way to keep yourself accountable and successful when achieving your goals.

Wrapping Up

So as you set your sights and objectives for this upcoming year, remember to be realistic – and be grateful. The real beauty of setting goals is to inspire you to achieve more, accomplish bigger tasks and ultimately make you a better person. Now go and Rock your 2022!

Thanks for reading!

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