Specialty PLUS

Specialty PLUS



  • 10 Coaching Sessions *
  • Broadcast/TV Narration OR AI/AR/VR/Robotics Demo Production OR Medical/Pharmaceutical Demo


Broadcast Narration/TV Narration DEMO: 

1:45-2:00 // 5 spots + 1 POWER SPOT delivered separately for use in target marketing


Factual, documentary, reality, non-fiction, true crime - all broadcast shows need a great narrator who understands the subtleties and nuances of supporting a show's storyline - that voice to bring the listener along for the journey and effectively tie the show together. 

Anne's demo production includes current and relevant spots reflective of new broadcast media trends, tying in show soundbytes and custom-produced SFX to create a truly real-sounding experience.




AI/AR/VR/Robotics DEMO: 

1:40-2:00 // 6 spots + 2 POWER SPOTS delivered separately for use in target marketing


Industry uses for artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality in conjunction with robotics, continue to grow at an exponetial rate, as manufacturers, militaries, and healthcare providers all look to find new uses for the technology. As these technologies emerge, voiceover will be an integral part of form and function for companies who want to provide a complete and immersive experience for their customers.  Storytelling within a memorable experience will put the listener at the very heart of the brand for maximum impact.  Medical robotic surgery, Automated transportation, Military systems, AI/AR/VR Instructional and/or Guided Narration for a multitude of products and environments are just a few practical real-world examples.


Anne will create leading edge, real world, custom copy to showcase your skillsets in this emerging genre while targeting each spot toward a certain industry market - giving you a powerful edge when clients hear your demo.




Medical Narration / Pharmaceutical DEMO: 

1:40-2:00 // 6 spots + 1 POWER SPOT delivered separately for use in target marketing

A reliable Medical Demo establishes your voice as clear, concise and understandable in a field where scientific verbiage and vocal control are key. Anne brings her years of experience in medical narration to each demo session, creating custom copy that specifically addresses this many-faceted industry.


Demo production includes a 2-hr directed recording session with Atlantis Group Audio. Connect live from anywhere via ISDN, Phone Patch, Skype & SourceConnect or visit Santa Monica for a truly unique experience!


Full processing, music & SFX engineering included, all digital audio/demo files released upon completion of paid demo service.


* Estimated coaching sessions included are minimum recommendation. Please note that additional sessions may be required prior to demo production, based upon coach's recommendation and/or student's advancement.

  • Session Usage

    Sessions may be pre-purchased and used at any time within the calendar year in which they are purchased. 


    24 BUSINESS HOURS notice is required to change or cancel an appointment time, and should be done online via the MY BOOKINGS area of anneganguzza.com. 


    For example, to cancel an 11:00 am Monday appointment, please cancel or reschedule by 11:00 am the Friday prior to avoid paying a full cancellation fee.


    Appointments that are cancelled without 24 BUSINESS HOURS notice will be subject to payment of 100% of the professional fee structure.  


    If an emergency arises and you are unable to cancel or reschedule via the online system, please email anne@anneganguzza.com and include the date and time of your original session booking.

  • Questions outside of session times

    Please hold questions about our work for session times. If you have a brief, time-sensitive concern, the best way to get in touch with me outside our scheduled session time is via email at anne@anneganguzza.com. If your concern is more than a brief one, I may suggest scheduling an appointment to fully address your needs. Please don't be offended - it's just me keeping track of my time (and helping others do the same!).   


    While you may email me questions, I am a full-time working talent, and will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.


    If you cannot email, you may call me at 949-630-3208 during normal business hours of 9am-5pm PST. Excepting emergencies, I am unavailable before 9 am on weekdays or after 8 pm on weekdays. 

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