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William Van Tassel Corporate Narration Demo

"Nowadays, it seems every client wants the same thing. Believable. Authentic. Relatable. Conversational. But with so many ideas on what that entails, who can you trust to help you make sense of it all, and deliver reads that truly connect? ANNE GANGUZZA, that’s who. Working with Anne was an eye-opening experience. She helped me understand the musicality of the conversational read, and explained the role of pacing and pitch in a way no one had ever done before. Walking me through the process of breaking down scripts into relevant phrases, she challenged me to find the story — and to tell it, from the client’s perspective. Some days it was difficult. Other times, frustrating. But as I began letting go of my overly cautious, polished and articulate reads, something magical happened. I started to sound, not like “the world’s best AI voice” (as another coach once described me), but actually like a REAL person. The result? Well, you don’t need to tell you. Judge for yourself! Oh yeah, and give Anne a shout when you’re ready to get serious about your performance. Thanks, Anne...I love my new corporate demo!" - William Van Tassel

About the Producer:

Anne Ganguzza is an award-winning Director & Producer in Orange County, CA. Recipient of 2017 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voiceover, Anne's demos are SOVAS-nominated across Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning categories as well. Her podcast, VO Boss, has also been nominated for Outstanding Podcast.



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