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So easy to forget...

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It's so easy to be busy with growing your VO business, and improving your voiceover skills, that it's all too easy to forget about your health. Today we're going to talk about how to stay healthy and keep your business thriving.


Stay healthy for a healthy business

Hey everyone. So today I want to talk to you about your business and your health.

So we all know that we want to be successful in our business. But I think that a lot of times we don't often think about what our product truly is because we take for granted that we're going to be able to go into our studio and record every single day. Playing a big part in all of this is your health.

Not just your vocal health, but your overall health, I'm here to tell you from my own personal experience, I'm sure you've experienced it before when you haven't been well, you got a cold, you weren't able to perform. It is so, so important that you proactively take care of yourself and take care of your health because this is your product.

Think about things that you can do on a day-to-day basis to really safeguard and protect your product. I think meditation can really help if you're experiencing levels of stress. Stress has catastrophic or can have catastrophic effects on your health. Exercising, getting your daily exercise in it. I myself have been very guilty of kind of why don't have the time to get out there and exercise.

So I know it's so easy for us to forget about taking care of ourselves physically, especially when sitting at our desks and we're really busy. I am very guilty of that myself. I know that during the pandemic I became very busy and it got really easy to just sit at my desk and do my work. And, you know, after a year went by, or a couple of years went by, I'll tell you what, I really felt it in my health. Make sure that you are taking time to take a break in between work, get up from your desk. Go walk, and take some time to spend with your family too. Cuddle with your pets, relieve those stress, relieve that stress, and make sure that you're eating properly and eating the right foods.

I know that as I've gotten a little bit older, my body is not liking some of those foods that I used to eat and love. And so I really have to watch now my salt intake, make sure that I'm not eating too many carbs because they'll tend to go right where on my hips and not where I need them to go.

Make sure that you are drinking plenty, plenty, plenty of water. Okay. I try to drink at least two of these a day, and sometimes that's a struggle, but it really does help. Number one, it'll help your mouth noise and it will help you to flush out all the toxins in your body. So in reality, being healthy is part of your business.

If you want to get better at voice acting, make sure that you get yourself a coach. If you want to market yourself better, go ahead and set up a marketing plan. Maybe a boss blast purchase, somebody that can help you to send emails and marketing emails or purchase a class for years, I've been preaching about that to help run your business and make it successful.

Now you've got one more thing to add to it because being healthy is a healthy business.

Thanks for reading!

Keep on rocking your business like a #VOBOSS

About Anne:

Anne Ganguzza is a professional voice actor and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voiceover and business skills - including voice over Coaching and Genre-based Demo Production. She specializes in conversational Commercial & Narration styles, including Corporate, eLearning, Technology, and On-Hold Messaging. Located in Orange County, California, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students via ipDTL and Zoom.



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