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Seven tips to grow your Voiceover business.

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Voiceover is a craft and a business. There are things you can do right now that will help you to grow your business that has nothing to do with performance! Try these 7 things right away.


It doesn't take talent to build a VO business.

Hey everyone. So today I'm gonna share seven things that require no talent that will help you to build your voiceover business.

Number one: be on time, and this is super important. Make sure that you're on time for your client. Respect them, respect their time, and they'll keep coming back.

Number two: make an effort. Make an effort to serve yourself, make an effort to always continue learning. Always continue to hone your skills, improve your performance, and also make an effort to always be there to serve your client. If you do, your client will recognize it and appreciate it. And of course, I think always in our businesses, we need to make an effort to always be continually improving.

Number three: stay positive, always stay positive. If you are positive that will shine through in every aspect of your performance and every aspect of your business and every aspect of your relationship with your client. If it's anything but positive, then things start to decline. And your client may be able to tell and may not want to work with you.

Number four: be coachable. So if you're in a live session and you're being directed, make sure that you are listening carefully to what your director is telling you to do, because you want to be open to their ideas. You want to be able to provide them with the service that they're paying you for. So make sure that you are open to coaching from the director and keep in mind that they may not be able to communicate exactly what they want all the time. And so back to my previous point of staying positive, while listening to their direction and doing anything in your power, to be able to serve them and serve their needs.

Number five: go the extra mile. Once you've connected with your client go the extra mile after the job. Send them a thank you note. Um, actually write them a personal, thank you note and send it in the mail, it will not go unnoticed.

Six: be prepared. So make sure that when you go into a session with a client or you're communicating with a client that you have everything that you need, you're prepared for your session. Your internet is working, Source Connect is working. You have the copy in your hands. you have a viable way to get new copy if they need to get that to you and you have, a pencil in your booth. If you're marking up your script, whatever it is. Make sure that you are prepared so that you're not going to be wasting your time or your client's time.

Finally, seven: have a strong work ethic, be relentless, do the work, even the work that you may not want to do. Of course, I always have the opinion that if you really, really don't wanna do the work, you can outsource that work. But understand what work needs to be done and make sure that it gets done. And you continually do that work or make sure that it's being done so that you can successfully grow your business.

Thanks for reading!

Keep on rocking your business like a #VOBOSS

About Anne:

Anne Ganguzza is a professional voice actor and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voiceover and business skills - including voice over Coaching and Genre-based Demo Production. She specializes in conversational Commercial & Narration styles, including Corporate, eLearning, Technology, and On-Hold Messaging. Located in Orange County, California, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students via ipDTL and Zoom.



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