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Make the most of your voice when it comes to AI!

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Technology marches on. We can evolve along with it, or get left in its wake. You have a voice in this industry, why not use it to help make sure that the companies that use AI voices, do so in an ethical and responsible way?


Become a part of the AI conversation.

Hey everybody. So today I want to talk about AI and voiceover.

So for a while now, uh, there's been a lot of talk, a lot of discussion in the forums about AI and this technology that is coming to take our jobs away, or the perception that AI will take our jobs away.

First of all, we have to really sit back and think that we're not going to actually be able to keep technology from evolving. I mean, technology has been evolving for years and AI technology is no different than any other technology and it will continue to evolve. Synthetic voices will continue to improve. And for our businesses, we need to really kind of sit back and take a hard look at what's happening in the AI industry and in synthetic voices to figure out how we can evolve along with it. I do believe that there is a way that we can actually utilize synthetic voices. If we choose to expand our business offerings, to expand our product, our product is our voice.

If we have our human voice. Why not consider what might happen if we allow people to use a synthetic version of our voice. I think if you hear that and you start getting nervous, what we really need to think about is, well, we need to protect ourselves. We need to protect our voices. We need to put measures in place that can protect and license our voices. As well as license our voice for different usages. There's a lot of talk about that now in the industry because companies want to be transparent. There's been a couple of instances where people have taken advantage of using our voices without compensation. The tick-tock case is one such case.

It's actually a good thing, it was a bad thing that happened, but it's a good thing because it helped us set a precedent and it helped to I think, point out to everyone involved in the industries that, yeah, we need to have some protection for our voices. And how are we going to do that? How are we going to put that in place?

There's a wonderful organization by the name of the open voice network. I'm a part of that. We were doing studies on synthetic voices. And how we can protect our voice and license, our voices, and protect the ownership of where does our voice get used and how does it get used and how do we get compensated fairly for that?

And I think we're making a lot of great headway for those of you that are, that are nervous about this. I think this is the best time to actually get involved in the industry because you can have a voice. You can have a say. And look, this is what we need. This is something, you know, if my voice is being used here, if my voice is being used in this way, if somebody is generating text and I don't have control over that text, well, I should be able to say there are words that you cannot say.

You know, companies that maybe I don't want to represent, we need to have those considerations put in place so that we can protect ourselves.

And I think if that is something that we work together to really develop and get ahead of. I think it's going to actually help us in our voiceover businesses for years to come because we will have evolved along with it and made a place for it alongside us in our businesses.

I like to believe in the good of technology. I know that it's coming and if somebody's going to use a synthetic voice, well, then maybe, they should use my synthetic voice and not somebody else's because I still want to be licensed. I want to be treated fairly and I want to be compensated fairly for that. And I'm going to make sure that that is what's going to happen because as entrepreneurs, we are the ones that have the ownership of our own businesses.

It's been my endeavor to really try to figure out how we can safely and effectively utilize this technology and maybe create a synthetic voice and have it be used as part of our businesses. I have been doing my VO boss podcast for gosh, over 30 episodes, educating users about AI and voice interviewing different companies.

So make sure you check out via If you want to learn more about AI and voice, listen to the AI and voice series.

Thanks for reading!

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About Anne:

Anne Ganguzza is a professional voice actor and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voiceover and business skills - including voice over Coaching and Genre-based Demo Production. She specializes in conversational Commercial & Narration styles, including Corporate, eLearning, Technology, and On-Hold Messaging. Located in Orange County, California, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students via ipDTL and Zoom.



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