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Make sure you have backups for your backups... Trust me.

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Nothing is more frustrating and scary than your technology failing. We depend on it to run our business. So when it does go out, and it will, what kind of backups should you have in place?


Embrace Redundancy: Your Personal Masterclass in Tech Failure Preparedness

In the tech world, encountering intermittent issues can be a nightmare. However, having experienced a fair share of these 'tech gremlins,' we've learned a thing or two about safeguarding our work and data. Today, we're sharing personal experiences and practical tips to help you navigate the inevitable tech failures.

The Spinning Wheel of Death and Disappearing Files

In the digital realm, few things are as disconcerting as the 'spinning wheel of death' or mysteriously disappearing files. One of our recent tech failures started with these symptoms. Multiple attempts to troubleshoot led to a postponed client session and a search for a potential issue with the Word program. However, the true culprit turned out to be a five-year-old external Lacey drive.

Embrace the Magic of Redundancy

Redundancy, in tech, is a lifesaver. The virtues of having redundant drives and equipment cannot be overstated. In our case, we had two Lacey drives and a total of four on the computer. While it might seem excessive, mirrored backups on these drives ensured our files were always available. So, even if a drive failed, the files could be retrieved, illustrating the importance of programming redundancy in file backup and equipment.

Backblaze: The Reassurance of Cloud Backup

The cloud-based backup program, Backblaze, proved to be an invaluable tool in our tech failure experience. With its reasonable pricing and automatic backup of the entire computer, it offered reassurance that we had a backup plan. Whether restoring one file or an entire drive, Backblaze made it possible without much hassle.

Even when our drive appeared to be failing, Backblaze allowed us to ensure a backup was available. It's a program we highly recommend, especially considering the possibility of ordering a complete restore on an encrypted drive, for a reasonable price.

The Unanticipated Role of a Simple Cable

In the end, it turned out that a simple cable was at the heart of our tech troubles. It was only when a spare drive and cable worked perfectly that we realized the issue. However, it wasn't before ordering another drive in paranoia. This scenario underscores the importance of redundant equipment - from drives and cables to headphones and glasses.

Preparation is Key

Being prepared for tech failures means having redundant technology and backups. No one ever expects their technology to fail, but when it does, it's often at the most inopportune times. Hence, the importance of making sure your data and equipment are redundant.

After over 20 years in the tech field, I've had my share of frustration with tech failures. However, the sweet relief that comes from knowing you have redundant drives and backups makes it bearable. Remember, when it comes to technology, redundancy is your best friend. So, get prepared and ensure you're ready for when your tech decides to throw a tantrum.

Stay tuned for more business tips and tech insights in our next episode. Until then, stay redundant, stay safe!

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