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Know Your Worth!


It’s important to understand what to charge for VO work. When you undercut yourself with low rates, it actually can keep you from finding work. Standard rates lend credibility and sustainability to your business.


Today we're gonna talk about as a voice actor how to charge what you're worth. Why you need to do it and how it's going to help you and your client in the end.

I'm Anne Ganguzza and I'm a full-time voice talent coach and demo producer. This channel is going to focus on how to make you a better voice actor and grow your business. As a voice actor, it's super important that you know your worth and you feel confident enough to charge your worth to your clients. A lot of times when you're new to the industry, you feel like you have to get the gig. To do that you might think "I don't have as much experience as the next person", You're just beginning so, therefore, you're going to charge something that's lower so that you can get experience.

But what that really does is it undervalues you as a talent and you as a business. It helps to undercut the rest of the industry in terms of what we are worth as artists. So make sure that you are fully confident in charging what you're worth.

Because if you just start today you can charge as much as I can for a specific service because they are hiring you for your voice. You probably already spent a good deal of money on your training and your studio and your equipment. Definitely make sure that you were charging what your worth, you will be happier and the client will be happier.

Much love and Keep on rockin' your biz!




About the Author: Anne Ganguzza is a full-time voice talent and award-winning director and producer who works with students to develop their voice over and business skills - including VO demo training and production. She specializes in Conversational Commercial and Narration styles, including Corporate, E-Learning, Technology, Healthcare - Medical, Telephony, and On-Hold.  Located in Orange County, CA, Anne offers private coaching and mentoring services to students in person and via Skype, ipDTL or Zoom.  



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