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Jesse Cole Corporate Narration Demo

"I had an amazing journey coaching with Anne! When I decided to take voice acting seriously, I did what one must do to learn the skills to compete in this industry - I found a great coach! Not just a working voice actor, but someone who knows the industry and the value of educating and teaching, specifically for the genre I was interested in. After consulting with Anne, we decided that a Corporate Narration Demo program would be a great first step. Anne's lessons are detailed, thorough, and informative. She always assigns practice scripts to work on between lessons, which kept me immersed in the process and was invaluable! The work wasn't easy, but learning a new skill set never is! Was it worth it? Absolutely. And rewarding! I now have a fantastic, professional demo that we are both proud of! Without Anne's guidance and support, getting from where I began to where I am now wouldn't have happened. I am so grateful I found Anne when I took my leap of faith to pursue the coaching needed to make my demo. Thanks for everything, Anne!" - Jesse Cole

About the Producer:

Anne Ganguzza is an award-winning Director & Producer in Orange County, CA. Recipient of 2017 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voiceover, Anne's demos are SOVAS-nominated across Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning categories as well. Her podcast, VO Boss, has also been nominated for Outstanding Podcast.



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