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Jeremiah Ovard Corporate Narration Demo

"If you're here, reading these testimonials and listening to these demos trying to decide "Is training and demo production with Anne Ganguzza really worth it?" Then you don't know enough about Anne. That's like asking yourself "How much value would I really get out of working on my ball game with Phil Jackson?" Anne's own success is impressive enough, but the list of people who've trusted her with their training and their demo production is amazing. Top tier Voice Over Professionals are coming to Anne because she's worth it. I am so grateful for my time with Anne. Her training didn't just help me improve my ability and skillset, but helped me understand why and how I was improving. Understanding the subtext of a script, identifying the audience, what to emphasize and why, and how all those things go together. I've improved in all of that and more thanks to Anne, and you can definitely hear it in this fantastic demo. Thanks Anne!" - Jeremiah Ovard

About the Producer:

Anne Ganguzza is an award-winning Director & Producer in Orange County, CA. Recipient of 2017 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voiceover, Anne's demos are SOVAS-nominated across Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning categories as well. Her podcast, VO Boss, has also been nominated for Outstanding Podcast.



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