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Jennifer Clark eLearning Demo

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2022 SOVAS NOMINEE: Outstanding Narration Demo - eLearning

"Coaching with Anne gave me confidence and tangible tools to use for voicing eLearning. Like any truly great coach, she pushes her students to be their very best with specific critique and building blocks to remedy those areas that need improvement. If you're looking for a coach to simply give you praise and take your money, you're in the wrong place. But if you're looking for a coach who will stretch your abilities, help you find your authentic voice and you're willing to put the work in, Anne is for you. Anne is a master at not only coaching, but in writing copy and crafting a demo to fit your voiceprint in the current market. Coaching and demo production with Anne is 100% worth your investment. I am absolutely thrilled with the end result, and fully intend to continue coaching with Anne!" - Jennifer Clark

About the Producer

Recipient of multiple Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Narration Demo - Anne Ganguzza is California-based award-winning Director & Producer specializing in target-marketed voice over Demo Production. Anne's production team creates SOVAS-nominated demos across several genres, including Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning, and her VO BOSS podcast is the winner of SOVAS Outstanding Podcast in 2022.



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