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How Gratitude can Impact your Business

"Gratitude changes everything" written on paper with pen next to coffee cup on wooden table
Gratitude changes everything...

For those who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, this is definitely a week where many of us focus on gratitude. I extend this practice of gratitude to my business as well, as it helps to keep me grounded and provides a great foundation for growth. And even though freelancers are typically a company of "one", the practice of gratitude can also help to cultivate a more authentic and "human" work environment. This allows us to feel more valued, respected and empowered to reach our fullest potential...

Gratitude is a business strategy.

Let's start here. Even though you may think of yourself as an independent business owner, don't forget about the others who make up your business cycle. First and foremost - your clients! Without them, you wouldn't have a business - so it makes sense to express gratitude for those relationships. Expressing gratitude to your clients can help to nurture your relationship, and guess what? Happy customers are return customers! Returning customers are a big part of my business. In addition to providing me with work, it helps me to have more predictability with my income stream. I am SO grateful for that! Anyone just starting out knows how hard it can be to get clients, and returning clients make the "sale" cycle shorter without the need for constant auditioning!

Stepping back...

The art of practicing gratitude hits us differently at different times. Some days I get so wrapped up in my own business I feel as though I don't even have time to think about it. And then I will have a moment where I am jolted back into the reality of just what I am grateful for. Showing gratitude makes us both vulnerable and authentic - and just so much more human! Especially when it comes to my health, which not only affects me personally but also directly affects my business. As a cancer survivor, every time I go for a checkup, or even a simple blood test, I am jolted back into a place of almost feverish gratitude that I am able to even be present in my business. Seemingly difficult tasks such as negotiating a fair rate for my latest job or letting go of my nerves for a better performance seem small, almost insignificant, and are now looked upon with a new fresh perspective.

" I extend the practice of gratitude to my business as well, where it helps keep me grounded and provides a great foundation for growth. " - Anne

Gratitude is a lifestyle

Acknowledging and paying gratitude for the fact that I can practice an entrepreneurial lifestyle and make money doing something that I love is paramount. Practicing gratitude for my business over the years has indeed helped to grow my business year after year. It has helped me to see and appreciate all of the little successes, and then springboard from them to grow. Even being able to recognize and appreciate my failures has helped me to learn and progress. Positivity from gratitude is a wonderful kind of contagious that can spread out to the universe and come back to you threefold. The most wonderful thing is that you do not need to be dependant on any "higher-ups" to give you the confidence and acknowledgment to grow - YOU are the boss!

pen with text "Today I am grateful for"
What are you grateful for today?

Become the change

Extending beyond your own bubble, authentically expressing gratitude to those you deal with on a daily basis can help to inspire and motivate others to do the same. A lot of times, we may lose patience with vendors or others that we may encounter while navigating our day. A simple acknowledgment or note of thanks can literally change someone's day. Try it at the very beginning of a vendor call instead of slamming your foot down or reacting with anger to make your point. The old adage that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar rings true here. If you are seeking support or help online, remember the eternalneass of the typed word. Online or social media posts can amplify toxicity, or they can extend authentic gratitude through the eternal ethers. Which would you rather have in your News Feed?

Manifest success

An attitude of gratitude can manifest success for your business. A great time to put this to the test is when you are first starting out or hitting a lull in your business. When you don't have any business, you don't have anything to lose, right? What better time to put this to the test! Grab a notebook and start documenting your gratitude. Lots of successful entrepreneurs create gratitude journals. Write down everything you are thankful for - even the smallest of things - the more specific the better. What you tend to focus on, only becomes MORE, as in more successes!

Know that I am grateful for YOU

for supporting me and reading this blog! I hope it has been helpful to you. Remember - YOU are awesome!

Much love and Keep on rockin' your biz!


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