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Goldie Perry Commercial Demo

"Working with Anne is amazing. She knows the industry and what is current, and gives you the tools to look and learn that as well. We worked on commercials of all types, not just to find out what I could do but also to see where I needed to improve. Her coaching gave me all sorts of tools to be able to take on copy that just flows and copy that seems a little...non conversational for a conversational read. She pushed me hard and taught me lots. And, even though I went in because "you gotta be able to do commercial copy, ugh" at the end I'm actually excited to do commercials and find the character and heart of the words and bring them to life. That was the journey and the end result was amazing - I love how she captured my range and my quirkiness and also my serious side and my inner mom. It was great working with Anne and I hope to work with her again in the future. She knows her stuff and is an excellent teacher and demo producer." - Goldie Perry

About the Producer:

Anne Ganguzza is an award-winning Director & Producer in Orange County, CA. Recipient of 2017 Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voiceover, Anne's demos are SOVAS-nominated across Commercial, Corporate Narration, and eLearning categories as well. Her podcast, VO Boss, has also been nominated for Outstanding Podcast.



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