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Getting Started in Voiceover Part 4 - Recording Your Demo

If you are just getting started in the voiceover industry and want to book consistent work, you are going to need a marketing tool that can showcase your voice in different styles and scenarios. This vocal showcase, or demo, is considered to be your "calling card" - essentially it is your voiceover resume or portfolio. And without it, it can make getting work pretty difficult. A great demo showcases how your voice will sound in a variety of ranges and styles per genre. And oftentimes it’s also how you make your first impression with agents, clients, and producers. With that being said, your demo should be in a word, stellar. Nothing less. It should reflect your strengths and abilities, all while being in line with current market trends. A good demo producer should know what content and styles are current, relevant, and what the market is looking for, as well as help you create a series of spots that showcase your abilities in those areas. In this fourth article in the How to get Started in Voiceover series, we take a look at important things to consider when looking to record and produce your first voiceover demo.

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