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Getting Started in Voiceover Part 2 - Successful Training and Coaching

As a VO talent and coach, I am constantly getting asked how to get started in the voiceover industry. This article is the second in a series addressing the answer. Finding success in the Voice Over industry can be difficult - and complicated at times. After conducting some preliminary research as noted in my first article, your next steps should be to investigate training and coaching. A lot of people think voice artists just "talk" for a living, but it really is so much more than that. Speaking someone else's written words and making them sound believable and authentic definitely takes skills - acting skills to be specific. And if we make it seem that easy, well then we have done our jobs right!

Successful Training and Coaching

Training and coaching are essential to developing the necessary performance skills you will need in order to be successful in cultivating a forward momentum in this industry. Keep in mind that you should go into this with your eyes wide open and with the goal of being a lifelong learner. Most successful voiceover artists spend years honing and perfecting their performance skills - after all, YOU are the product of your own business, so it stands to reason that you need to invest in yourself! In addition to your performance skills, don't forget about the business aspect of your career as well. You can have the best voice in the world, but it won't do you any good if no one knows about it to hire you!

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