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Copytime: The Melody of Conversation

Anne reads from Conference Presentation notes & tips!

"Conversational" - We see it every day in audition specs and in jokes around the VO water cooler :) Commercials use this style so effectively because it makes the seller - and by extension, the product - appear authentic and believable. Yet it’s also a notoriously difficult read to accomplish while reading words that aren’t our own…

Broken down, there is a definite melody to our ordinary, everyday conversation. Similar to song, the perfect “conversational” moment is a logical phrasing & pacing of concepts which embrace the ideas of words [copy] to tell a story [brand goal]. It then becomes our job as artists to tell this story in a truly authentic way. One that doesn’t wander away or disconnect from original intent. Like a musician staying in tune, never missing a note, we can’t just play random sounds. We bring organic, authenticity through emotion and feeling - via our unique human personality.

When it all comes together, the music is a gift - a composition - rather than just a delivery of words.

Takeaway Tips

  • Conversational style = there IS a melody - find it.

  • Engage the audience with your heart first - using the melody of your voice!

  • Stay “in tune” with the audience

  • Avoid "Sing-Song" stereotypes

* if we listen to the melody of our own voices too much, we run the risk of taking valuable time away from delivering true intent & meaning. In other words, it’s important resist the urge to ego.


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