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BOSS Talks: VO - A Service-Based Business

In order for you to run your business like a BOSS, it's always wise to do a little homework to learn more about your potential client and how you can better serve them. What are the specifics of their industry? What are their needs and how can you elevate their brand? In this current day and age, we are so fortunate to live in a digital society where information is right at your fingertips. This leads me to one of my all time favorite business tools... Google! Google is an entrepreneur's best friend - allowing you to easily research up to the minute industry and company information that can help you to align your services with your client and help you jump start a great relationship!

Last spring, I had a client contact me via my business phone who left a brief message inquiring about voiceover services for an e-learning project. He mentioned that he found me via Google (yay - there's our good friend Google again!) and was interested in voiceover for 200 hours of e-learning. Not much information to base a quote on. Prior to returning his call, I hopped on Google and researched his company, their products, and services. I found that they were a well established local company who had been in business for over 30 years with global satellite companies around the world who helped distribute their products. I was able to get a visual representation of their brand to see how they advertised their products to their target audience, and in depth information about each of their products and services. Armed with this information, I was able to formulate a deeper understanding of the content I might be voicing, as well as an idea of an appropriate rate schedule to start my negotiations. I was also able to construct a list of questions regarding project length and usage so that I would be able to easily calculate an accurate quote. When I contacted the client, they were immediately impressed with my depth of knowledge about their company and product. I was able to speak with professionalism and ask insightful questions. My understanding of his brand, model, and business ethics, built trust in me. He then expanded the project an additional 600 hours! Just a few minutes of simple research on google, allowed me to triple my ROI! It also gave me a new repeat client.

Take a look at my VO BOSS interview below, as I talk about the power of research to help find new clients as well as how to serve them better. For more information and awesome BOSS (Business Owner Strategies and Success) Episodes, make sure to checkout my weekly podcast with my VO BOSS bosstie Gabby Nistico at

Keep on Rocking Your Biz, XOXO  aka Anne GanGOOGLE


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